Get hooked to the most exciting safari offer in the world; luxury gorilla trekking safari which has lifted the face of Jungle to the technology and hearts of many who have the passion for discovering what God created and placed on earth. Water bodies are home to unique fish and reptile species, and the sand, mountains have snow, and trees reserve our closest relatives the gorillas and chimpanzees, birds and several others and each second of moving beneath them gives you the most unforgettable joy and peace of mind. There is a lot to uncover in an adventure, more than what your usual schedule, letters, internet or even testimonies by friends brings. More in the world, day and night with unique surprises, and most of which is remarkable and attainable on a luxury safari. Our rich experience in handling trips has proven how people who travel on luxury gorilla trekking safaris have more fun, comfort and unforgettable memories.

In line with that, we give you tips on luxury gorilla trekking, where you should track the gorillas, rules governing the gorillas, accommodation while on a luxury gorilla trekking safari, best time to have your gorilla trekking safari, your packing list for gorilla trekking safari, transportation to gorilla trekking destinations and prices for gorilla trekking permits in each destination among others. Gorillas are primates, and research states that their DNA is approximately 95% similar to that of human beings, yet the most interesting part is that when you visit them, you will come to appreciate that their lives are more less that of people. The mothers sit down and breast feed their young ones; they clean them and also converse. The mature male, referred to as the silverback is the head of a gorilla group known as a family, and their role is to ensure peace, security, leadership, and help in constructing the nest s for overnight stays. The adolescents are always seen playing, somersaulting but also helping in several other activities.