Located in the heart of Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo is a country found in central Africa recognized as the second largest country in Africa with a population of over 84 million people. It was initially referred to as Zaire, but later transformed to the current name and now with a capital city called Kinshasa. It neighbors Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi, Republic of Congo, Somalia, central republic, Zambia, Angola and South Sudan. This country is well known for ever green vegetation beautiful rivers, mountains and the fascinating gorillas. The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to the endangered eastern lowland gorillas (Grauer gorilla) that are a subspecies to the eastern gorillas. These reside in the lowland and Albertine rift of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is estimated that there are about 4000 individual gorillas in the country and these are situated in the conservation areas of Virunga national park and Kahuzi-Biega national park.

Virunga national park is found in the eastern region of Democratic republic of Congo. This park inhabits two active volcanoes; Mount Nyiragongo and Mount Nyamuragira, beautiful flora and fauna which 300 are endemic to the park, not to forget it’s also a home of 604 individual gorillas both mountain and the eastern lowland gorillas. Kahuzi-Biega national park is another destination where gorilla trekking safaris are favored due the presence of eastern lowland gorillas that are found in the park’s two sectors. The park is habitat for about 170 individual lowland gorillas that are found in the highland sector, and for the lowland sector the numbers are estimated to be fewer due to the political instabilities. These two national parks have been a great attraction for gorilla safaris in D.R.C due to the presence of lowland and mountain gorillas. Before encountering a gorilla safari in one of these two parks, one is required to possess a gorilla permit that can give access to the trekking of gorillas. The gorilla permits can be got directly from the park offices and up to 64 permits are available each day. Each permit costs $400, making gorilla trekking in Congo the cheapest and favorable to most tourists. A group of 8 trekkers is allowed to visit each gorilla family in the parks and are allowed to spend one hour interaction with these great species.