Things in life that have never ceased to amaze are surprises, be it on one’s birthday, honeymoon or date because the packaging tells it all. Now just imagine the other opportunity of re-uniting with your closest relatives with whom you never thought exist in this diverse universe; the rare mountain gorillas in Uganda, “the pearl of Africa”. Everything on this trip is magical, right from the number of days spent, destinations to be visited, tour guide to handle your trip, accommodation and transportation among others. Mountain gorillas can’t be found anywhere else in the world but only in the continent of Africa; in the countries sharing the majestic Virunga chain of mountains towering above Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is home to over 1000 endangered mountain gorilla species and several other unique primates, reptiles, birds and mammals among others, who enjoy the favorable climate, and plenty of floral species.

We take you through some of the things you need to know about gorillas and the Gorilla trekking exercise, why you have to start your Journey from Entebbe, and the most ideal time to have the escapade in Uganda; home to half of the world’s surviving mountain gorilla species in the world. hundreds of tourists from across the world come for the activity and return very satisfied with smiles written all over their faces. Uganda is a tiny landlocked country located in East Africa, and one of the only thirteen countries in the world crossed by the Equator. she is gifted by nature, plenty of wildlife In her unspoiled rampsar sites, national parks, and game reserves among others such as; Africa’s big5 namely lions, Rhinoceros, buffalos, leopards, and elephants, besides the giraffes, and different antelope species; Birds such as the crested cranes, shoebill stock and ostrich; the fascinating landscape; cultures such as the Batwa pygmies (one of the shortest people in the world); lakes and rivers among others.