Capturing the magical eyes, the silver-lined backs of the male gorillas and the feeding style of the female gorillas in the secret jungle where only trees, the camera and the stolen echoes from the birds as you witness the action might be the only encounter you need to have a peace of mind and a lifetime memory. Yes, gorillas are our closest relatives, that have detached themselves from us a thousand years ago and choosing to live in a paradise that has hidden its face from the face of the earth, just like a bride on the wedding day, thus a reason why with the little savings you may have, take a step to have a gorilla trekking safari to Africa. Research shows that gorillas share over 95% human DNA with similar senses to that of humans, and feed and nurse their young ones the same way. In a group, they are called a troop, led by a dominant silverback, which has the role of ensuring unity, protection and provision. In case the mothers are dead or lost, then it takes up the mother’s duties as well. Over 8 members may compose a family, which besides the silverbacks, there are infants, black backs, adolescents and the mothers among others.

These apes love moving from one place to another every day in search of foliage such as bamboo, stems, leaves, fruits and shots; as well as for security purposes. The adults eat up to 30kgs per day thus the secret of their strength and giant bodies. They are gentle and shy if not scared, but very aggressive when annoyed. Their reaction to anger includes tearing vegetation, thumbing the ground, running around the territory on four legs, hooting repeatedly, kicking the air, beating the chest, and figurative feeding among others; a reaction which can be controlled by squatting done, staying in the same place, keeping quiet or looking done. It can be unforgettable when such an event happens, though on the other hand so dangerous and uncalled for.